Getting Started as a Mothernode Sales Partner

(for Referral based business)

The Mothernode CRM Sales Partner Program is a low-commitment, no-obligation program that offers a one-time payment to registered Sales Partners, rewarding them for their referrals. Each time a registered Sales Partner refers to Mothernode a new prospect who converts to a paying customer with a 12-month term agreement, they will receive a one-time payment, based on the subscriber’s plan.

The Makings of a Successful Partner

Ideal Sales Partners are individuals that offer professional services, and from time-to-time they engage with customers who are looking for a CRM, experiencing challenges staying organized, or desire to optimize their business processes.

Our ideal Sales Partners are those who work with existing businesses and want to increase the value they can offer them. Following are examples of ideal Sales Partners:

Business Development Consultants

Business Consultants who work with small and mid-sized businesses and their leadership teams to make organizational changes that improve efficiency, structure and process. They identify pain-points and areas that can be optimized, and recommend software solutions as part of their overall solution.

CRM Implementers

Technology solution providers and implementers who recommend software solutions for businesses needing to modernize and automate their existing processes. Ideal for customers with no or less capable CRMs.

Digital Marketers & Marketing Agencies

Marketers and/or Agencies that work with business owners and sales teams to improve their overall digital marketing. Companies that want to deliver more sales and marketing value, as well as intelligent, digital marketing campaigns to their customers.

Sales Trainers and Coaches

Trainers and Sales Coaches dedicated to growing their business by increasing lead conversions and attracting new customers. They want to improve value in their customer’s sales processes and help implement modern ways of selling.

Accounting Firms and CPA for SMBs

CPAs and SMB Accounting Firms who work with business owners and accounting teams that need to find more business development and customer management solutions. Businesses that often make software recommendations that can help focus on growth.