Referring Business to Mothernode

As a Mothernode CRM Partner, a fundamental component to your financial success is dependent on the longevity of your referral’s Mothernode subscription. Therefore it’s important to understand the types of businesses and customers that would most benefit from implementing and using Mothernode CRM in their daily business. Identifying the right referral ensures a higher level of customer satisfaction and longer retention rate, which are both key to a healthy commission base.

While Mothernode CRM delivers the capabilities users would expect in a world-class software service, there are some challenges and variables that can be an obstruction to referrals potentially implementing any CRM solution. Among these are budget, company culture or resistance to change. Learning how to correctly identify the right customer will more quickly increase your overall conversions.


Basic Guidelines for Qualifying Mothernode Referrals

Here are a few basic considerations when determining whether or not Mothernode CRM would be a good fit for one of your referrals:

  • Referral company’s annual revenue is over 1 million (recommended).
  • Referral company has been in business for 3 or more years.
  • Referral company has executive sponsorship.
  • Referral company is not a start-up.
  • Referral company can meet the minimum 5 user requirement.
  • Referral company has a monthly budget of at least $300 for their CRM subscription.
  • Referral company has a budget for implementation and startup services.
  • Referral company struggles using too many manual methods in their processes.
  • Referral company uses dated processes.
  • Referral company has plateaued in annual revenue.
  • Referral company recognizes they have organizational problems and shows a willingness to address them.

Mothernode CRM Business Solutions

When referring a customer to Mothernode your referral should ideally be an existing relationship or one that has a qualified need or interest in adopting and using a CRM or upgrading their existing CRM. Because Mothernode is available in a variety of different editions and has a broad range of capabilities, it serves a wide range of industries. The more familiar you are with your customer’s workflow, operations, employees, personalities, pain points and daily struggles, the easier it will be to qualify and convert a referral.

Here are some recommendations for generating strong referrals within your existing portfolio of customers. 


For Operations, Process Improvement and Business Owner Interest

  • Businesses that have no or manual internal processes.
  • Businesses who have plateaued in growth and revenue over the past few years.
  • Businesses that have fallen behind their competition due to lack of innovation or optimized customer service processes.
  • Businesses with multi-office locations or remote employees often disconnected the rest of the company.
  • Businesses who are at capacity with resources and need to accomplish more, with the resources they have.
  • Businesses that use Microsoft Excel and Word in their workflow operations.
  • Businesses that don’t have any centralized database of customers and transactions and use fragmented solutions that cause process delays and redundant data entry.
  • Businesses who depend on your expertise and consultancy for process improvement.
  • Businesses that depend on your expertise as a practical solution provider or extension of their operations, such as a marketing agency or marketer.
  • Businesses you may be working with in a consultancy capacity where you may also have hands-on involvement in their operations.
  • Businesses who are looking to achieve greater growth.
  • Businesses who are looking to be acquired within the next few years.
  • Businesses who lack reporting and visibility in their organizations.

For Sales and Sales Management

  • Businesses who want to modernize their sales processes.
  • Businesses who lack sales forecasting.
  • Businesses who lack reporting and opportunity tracking.
  • Businesses who have little or no visibility into the sales pipeline.
  • Businesses who need more or improved sales automation.
  • Businesses who want to integrate marketing automation into their sales process.
  • Businesses who need better follow-up and reminder tools.
  • Businesses who want to track and automate commissions.
  • Businesses who need better organization tools.
  • Business who want to empower their sales force.
  • Businesses who may contract sales reps (i.e. 1099 employees).
  • Businesses who want to track activity within their organizations.
  • Businesses who lose track of sales.

For Customer Service

  • Businesses  looking to improve customer service.
  • Businesses looking to increase customer retention.
  • Businesses needing centralized customer information.
  • Businesses needing to track and centralize customer communications.
  • Business looking to automate communications with customers.
  • Businesses who want to automate marketing to existing customers.

For Marketing

  • Businesses looking to implement marketing automation.
  • Business who want to integrate their digital marketing strategies into their workflow.
  • Businesses who need agency quality email marketing capabilities.
  • Businesses wanting to implement lead capture forms.
  • Businesses who want to use email automation to improve customer service and retention.
  • Businesses who want to tightly integrate their sales and marketing capabilities.
  • Marketers who have outgrown Mailchimp, Constant Contact and other standalone email marketing programs.