The Benefit of Being a Mothernode Partner

Becoming a Mothernode CRM Partner has its obvious advantages to your business, which include additional recurring revenue for your customer referrals and the additional sales opportunities available to you when you’re backed by a world-class CRM. But what’s the best advantage? You get everything Mothernode CRM Sales & Marketing Edition has to offer for your own business at a special discount exclusive to Partners. A plan too good to pass up!

Sales & Marketing Edition

If you don’t already use a CRM or are need of an upgrade, we’ve got you covered! As a Mothernode CRM Partner, you’ll have access to powerful sales and marketing tools and resources that will help you grow your own business, while giving you the confidence and experience you and your team need to be a successful Referral Partner, when offering similar solutions to your customers.

You Get:

  • Unlimited Customers and Contacts
  • Leads and Opportunities
  • Quotes (with digital signing)
  • Sales automation
  • Marketing automation
  • Send up to 25,000 emails per month
  • Lead capture forms
  • Event registration
  • 1GB of file storage

Personalized Signup Page

All Mothernode CRM Partners get their very own, personalized link that lets new customers register a Mothernode CRM account. Partners can use the link to offer new Mothernode CRM customer registrations to sign up directly from their website, blog, or landing page. Partners can even include the link as a call to action in their digital marketing campaigns. You can use the signup link as often as you like. Each time a new customer uses the link to signup for a Mothernode CRM account, they begin a 30-day free Trial. Once they convert to a paid account, the referral customer becomes an active commissionable account. It’s that easy.

  • Partners are automatically notified by email when a new subscriber enters a trial period using their link. The registration details are provided to the Partner.
  • All trial accounts are visible in the Partner’s Portal.


Partner Portal

We believe in transparency, and that’s why all our Partners have access to their account activity, including listings of their current subscriptions and number of users, payment history, forecasted commissions etc.

What’s included

Subscriber Reporting: Stay current with the status for each Customer Referral in real-time. View current number of subscribers by account, get account status, view edition changes and more. See the commissionable value of each account in one easy to read screen.

Personalized Sign-up Link: The fastest way to adding Mothernode subscribers and earning revenue! With your own personalized sign-up link, you can attract new customers 24/7/365 and all new paid subscriptions are commissionable per your rank. The link allows your prospects

Dashboards: No portal is complete without Dashboards! Visualize your current rankings and keep track of your goals toward increasing your commissions.

Trial Customers: Get visibility to your trial customers, gage their activity and engage them to convert.

Commission Forecasting: In addition to your payments, get a clear picture of your forecasted commissions based on your current subscriber base.

Goals: Keep track of your goals as you rank up.

User Management: Setup user access for other users within your organization.

Business Development Tools

In addition to everything available to you in the Mothernode CRM Sales and Marketing Edition, as a Mothernode CRM Partner you’ll also have access to Mothernode’s Lead Hunter service. Mothernode’s Lead Hunter service is a business development tool that allows you to generate your own quality leads using maps technologies. Mothernode uses cutting edge technology that lets users cultivate leads and prospects for businesses they want to engage, at a fraction of the cost of the average lead service. Combine with our lead nurture sequences, Lead Hunter makes reaching out to prospective buyers a breeze.

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