Becoming a Mothernode CRM Partner

Becoming a Mothernode CRM Partner is a great way to leverage our CRM technology and use it to generate new leads as well as a sustainable, recurring revenue stream for your business.  Our Partner Programs are designed to make every partner a success, but like everything else, you have to participate to reap the rewards. As your number of converted referrals increase, so will your commission tiers, and you’ll have the option as a certified reseller (Master Partner) to earn more revenue by offering Mothernode professional services for new and existing customers. Alternatively, you can simply continue to enjoy the commissions.

We’re committed to making your participation a success, by giving you the tools and support you need to succeed in achieving your revenue goals. Every Partner begins as a Sales Partner and will rank up to the next Partner Level when they achieve the milestones within their rank. As your partnership in the program evolves, so will your offerings and revenue.

Eligibility and Requirements

We give our customers the very best , and Mothernode CRM Partners are no exception. Our dedication to your success is demonstrated through our training, support, products and customer service. We provide you with the tools and resources you need to succeed, building your business one referral at a time, no matter which Partner Program you’re in.

A key component to the success of our Partner Program is aligning ourselves with qualified businesses or individuals who have established themselves as reputable professionals and leaders in their field. While there may be certain exceptions, we’re committed to working with business and consultants who meet these basic requirements.

  • Businesses that offer technology and/or consulting services to their customers.
  • Businesses that have been in operation for at least 12 months.
  • Businesses that can integrate Mothernode CRM into their sales processes.

Entering the Program

The Mothernode Partner Program includes 3 levels of Partnership, each increasing in revenue share and presenting new opportunities to offer professional services, typically only available directly from Mothernode Account Managers; such as, but not limited to support, training, implementation services and managing marketing programs (see Partner Program Summary for more info). Every new Partner in the program begins as a Sales Partner and works their way to the level of partnership they want to aspire to, based on their sales volume. During this process Partners will be acclimated to working with Mothernode Editions and Account Managers, gradually involving themselves more and more with each implementation and gaining more experiences and confidence. Milestones between Partner plans may be adjusted for businesses and consultants that have relevant experience related to CRM, but this is evaluated on a case by case basis.

Partner Program Summary

Sales Partner

Professional Partner

Master Partner

Commissions (Monthly Subscriptions)
Mothernode Sales and Marketing Edition (Required)
Online Product and Sales Training
Partner receives dedicated Mothernode account manager and support
Access to Partner Portal
Access to Sales Tools and Marketing Resources
Partner refers new business to Mothernode and receives commissions on monthly subscriptions
Partner refers new business to Mothernode and receives commissions on professional services
Partner co-sells deals with Mothernode (Mothernode will assist or participate in sales process)
Use of Mothernode Logos and Marks
Partners can offer training and other professional services
Partners can set up and implement new Mothernode accounts.
Partners can engage in SLAs independent of Mothernode

Mothernode Partner Subscriptions

All Mothernode CRM Partners are required to have a paid subscription to any of the following Mothernode CRM Products: Sales and Marketing Edition (Recommended), Professional Edition or Enterprise Edition. Special Partner Plans offer discounted pricing on Mothernode Subscriptions. View the Edition Index for a summary of comparisons. Maintaining your Mothernode subscription is a requirement of being a Mothernode CRM Partner. Cancelling your subscription will terminate your Mothernode Partnership Agreement. See the Mothernode CRM Partner Agreement for more information.

Partners may use their Mothernode Subscription for product demonstration purposes or as a platform for their own business. Note: Any Partner can use the Mothernode Sandbox when demonstrating Mothernode CRM to their prospects and customers.

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