Increase your value proposition as a Mothernode CRM Partner

If you’re in the business of helping other businesses succeed by improving their processes, managing their digital marketing campaigns, growing their customer base, increasing lead conversions or all of the above, then becoming a Mothernode CRM Partner sounds like a natural next step for you.

As a Mothernode CRM Partner, you’ll gain access to cutting-edge technology designed to help your customers grow and improve their business. Delivering a sustainable solution for your client base also means recurring revenue for you for the duration of their Mothernode subscription. And that’s just the beginning.

Together, we’ll not only help you make a difference for your customers, we’ll provide you with a portfolio of incredible capabilities that will increase your overall value proposition and grow your own business while helping others.

Grow Your Business

Whether you’re a complete integration provider assisting your customer with their on-boarding needs, a marketing agency designing and implementing strategic campaigns or a sales partner referring customers to Mothernode, there’s a business growth model that’s just right for you. Mothernode Partners can choose from an assortment of options to help them grow at their own pace.

Earn Recurring Revenue

Generate recurring revenue on your customer’s Mothernode CRM accounts for the term of their subscriptions. Available in all Mothernode Partner Programs. As your referral sales increase, so does your commission percentage for new and existing referrals.

Expand Your Offering

As a Mothernode CRM Partner you’ll expand your value proposition toward becoming a total solution provider to your new and existing customers. Whether you’re helping your customers build a stronger sales process, creating and managing their marketing programs or simply helping them become better organized, Mothernode CRM provides a platform for you to broaden your service offering.

What type of Partner do you want to be?

Sales Partner

Becoming a Mothernode Sales Partner is your first step forward to expanding your service offering and sustaining increased revenue. As a Sales Partner, you’re entitled to a 10% recurring commission on all referrals that convert to a paid Mothernode CRM subscription. Commission payments will continue for the duration of each customer’s Mothernode CRM subscription.

Professional Partner

As your Mothernode CRM referrals grow, so do your revenue opportunities and commissions as you rank up to becoming a Mothernode Professional Partner. Achieving the rank of Professional Partner increases your commissions  to 15% on both current active accounts and new accounts. Professional Partners can also begin earning commissions on implementations, when opting to become an Apprentice.

Master Partner

Mothernode Master Partners are rewarded with a 20% recurring commission on all their active and new accounts.  Additionally, after completing the apprentice program as a Professional Partner (optional), Master Partners are eligible to offer professional services normally offered by Mothernode. Such services include implementations, training and developing email marketing campaigns that will further increase revenue opportunities.