Professional Services

Becoming a Mothernode CRM Professional Partner is the first step your business will take to significantly expand its professional services offering. Ranking up to Professional Partner increases your commissions to 15% on all active and new Customer Referral accounts. However, unlike Sales Partners, Professional Partners also earn commissions on Mothernode Professional Services, such as implementations, custom development, training and more.

The most significant difference in this rank is Mothernode Professional Partners are now eligible to offer their customers select professional services, such as support and training. Professional Partners can facilitate client implementations under the guidance of a Mothernode account manager in the Mothernode Apprentice Program. These value added services are optional and are not a requirement of the rank. Professional Partners who would prefer not to offer any services can simply enjoy the recurring commission earned.

Expanding Earning Potential

While any Partner can earn the rank of a Professional Partner, businesses who prefer a hands-on approach to servicing their customers the most will increase their commissions by being involved in their customer’s onboarding processes.

Business Development Consultants

Business Consultants who work with small and midsized businesses and and their leadership teams to make organizational changes that improve efficiency, structure and process. They identify pain points and areas that can be optimized, and recommend software solutions as part of their overall solution.

CRM Implementers

Technology solution providers and implementers who recommend software solutions for businesses needing to modernize and automate their existing processes. Ideal for customers with no or less capable CRMs.

Digital Marketers & Marketing Agencies

Marketers and/or Agencies that work with business owners and sales teams to improve their overall digital marketing. Companies that want to deliver more sales and marketing value, as well as intelligent, digital marketing campaigns to their customers.

Commissionable Services

 Sales PartnerProfessional PartnerMaster Partner
Mothernode Monthly Subscriptions
Application Development
Professional Services

IMPORTANT: When your Partner Rank changes, the updated corresponding commission is applied to all your existing customer referrals as well as new ones.

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